Finding an Honest Appliance Repair Service in Middletown is Easy

When consumers know who to turn to they can save time and money by choosing a qualified appliance service company who is qualified to work on all models

Middletown, CT – Finding a reputable appliance repair service is easy for Middletown residents. The fact that the appliance is malfunctioning is aggravating enough. People don’t deserve the inconvenience of having to wait a week or two to get their appliance working again. Jay Miskin, owner of Action Appliance Repair discusses the different paths people take to find an Appliance Repair technician.

Calling the appliance manufacturer and expecting them to send a factory trained Appliance Repair service technician today often results in disappointment. Their call is typically answered by an automated system instructing them to press one for this and two for that when all they really need is a human voice to listen to their problem and offer a solution.

Service rates tend to be higher with the manufacturer; however, customers can trust them to use only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. The downside is waiting longer for an available Appliance Repair technician.

The handyman service or jack-of-all-trades that advertise in the newspaper, on Craigslist or the grocery store bulletin board typically claims to be the least expensive, local appliance repair service. With no name except his own, no logo on their vehicle and no uniform, the customer’s concern is whether or not they are licensed and insured. Service providers who work in a customer’s home should be licensed and insured in case of injury or to cover unintentional damages to their home.

Calling the store where the appliance was purchased often proves to be futile because they offer few resources in appliance repair. Sure, they’re obligated to offer a solution; however, the best they can do is refer the customer to the manufacturer.

The Yellow Pages or the Internet are resources for finding many products and services. One can search through listings, check a company’s Better Business Bureau profile, and verify their license and insurance to make an informed decision as to who to hire for appliance repair service.

By the time the frustrated owner has completed their research and scheduled an appointment, half the day is wasted and the appliance is still broken. If they’re lucky, they will find an appliance repair service that is able to fix the problem the same day.

Jay Miskin, owner of Action Appliance Repair services all of Connecticut and the Springfield, Massachusetts area. Action Appliance Repair offers services today with a 5-year pro-rated warranty on parts and 110% customer satisfaction. They service all brands, makes and models and keep OEM parts in stock. Their professional appliance repair technicians drive clearly marked vehicles and arrive in uniform with shoe covers to protect the customer’s home. Learn more at

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